How do I get Emblems and Overline?


How do I get Overline?

There is no pre-mined Overline. To earn it, you must mine it. Overline is awarded to block and transaction miners. Each block winner receives 2 Overline + the Emblem Overline Bonus*. Another method to get Overline is to purchase or loan it from a 3rd party.

*Emblem Overline Reward Calculator is only rewarded if the miner has EMB on its mining address.

How do I get Emblems?

All Emblems are accounted for and there will not be any more Emblems publicly sold by the team.

Emblems are available for purchase on third party markets, but we recommend buying on Overline's Interchange. For a full guide on purchasing Emblems on the Overline interchange, refer to this guide.

As a miner, is there any other way to get Overline bonuses?

Miners who cannot obtain Emblems can gain their additional Synthetic Mining Power by acquiring Leased Emblems (L-EMB) from existing owners. More information on Emblem Leases can be found here and a diagram of the process can be found here.