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What Is Borderless Services, Inc?


Official Borderless Services Inc Website


The world is already borderless, countries just don't know it yet.

Borderless Services, Inc is a blockchain holding group for high-growth businesses that solve the toughest problems facing public and pre-public entities.

In addition to providing technical services to our acquisitions, BSI is the lead maintainer of the open source blockchain Overline Network and actively contributes to the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Customers benefit from our singular focus on providing best-in-class products and services for digital assets across financial technology, wireless communications, and media companies. Our team of experienced professionals use structured finance and exclusive deal flow generation to provide to generate value for our ecosystem.



Get started building Mining Pools, Trading Bots, and custom Decentralized Exchanges using the developer RPC API.

Updated 3 months ago

What Is Borderless Services, Inc?

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