Overline Collateral Business

A core construct of the Borderless trading system is the need to post collateral. This ensures no trade cheats one of the parties by holding a recovery amount of collateral which will be sent to the party who was neglected in the trade. The collateral will need to be of sufficient value to permit the trading parties the assurance they will get, in collateral, what they deliver for the trade, should they not receive what was promised.

For a small payment, say 1 NEO, the amount of Overline token (OL) collateralized would need to be of sufficient value to make someone comfortable taking the trade. In most cases market dynamics will ensure an amount of OL equal in value to the trade. The Overline token is then locked, and unlocked based on the successful trade, and returned to the owner for future use. As volume increases on the interchange, the circulating supply of Overline will inherently deplete due to the locked up collateral. This will drive value to those who possess Overline tokens, hence becoming the natural liquidity providers for those looking to place trades. Overline can either be bought or acquired through mining.

A guide to setting up the Overline miner can be found HERE. This miner runs memory intensive and has not had an ASIC designed to utilize it. GPU miners are being developed but until they are ready it is a CPU only miner, making it available to anyone with a CPU and competitive spirit.