Owning and Leasing Emblems

As the competition over mining Overline tokens heats up the rewards will become hard to receive, making every successful block more rare. Emblems circumnavigate that rarity by making each successfully mined block more valuable. Applying EMB to a mining address in quantities greater than 6767 begins to yield a mining bonus at every successful block mined. By acquiring EMB, even smaller miners can increase their average expected Overline over time.

More EMB == More Overline tokens.

Miners can either apply more EMB to their mining address by buying EMB on the open market or by leasing EMB from those holding the token. Once a Leased Emblem [L-EMB] is acquired by a miner, they may activate it, triggering a ‘temporary’ transfer of EMB to their address. At the end of the lease duration, the EMB is transferred back to the lessor. Long term holders of EMB are then incentivized to lease their EMB repeatedly, and repeatedly be compensated for doing so.