Tutorial: How to Swap using Overline


Swapping with Overline takes some of the more intricate parts of trading on Overline and places them discretely in the background, making for the most seamless method of conducting a trade yet!

1. Download and Open The Overline App

This feature is only available for Version 2.2.0 of the Overline App.

If you have already downloaded the application, you will receive an in-app update to update to the latest version.

If you haven’t downloaded the desktop app already, Download HERE for Mac and HERE for Windows.

2. Open The Swap Tab

Check the tabs on the top of the screen to open the Swap page.


This will open the swap interface where you will be able to select which pair you wish to trade.

3. Select Your Pair / Amount and Place Trade

In this example, we will be swapping WAV for OL. I've entered the amount I want to swap (100 WAV) and the interface will auto-calculate the closest amount available for on the order books.


Perfect! There are is an order with exactly 100 OL available on the order book.

Simply select the "SWAP ASSETS" button and confirm your Swap Order and it will be placed!


The order details will now live in the "Swaps (1)" section on the top bar. Selecting "Swaps(1)" in the upper right hand corner will show me all open Swap Orders I have for my Overline Desktop App session.


4. Settle Orders

You can click into the specific order to find the trade information if you navigate away from the current page. You can also just wait and the screen will update to the settlement screen.


Once you're on the settlement screen, you will be able to settle your transaction by clicking "Settle". Note: some Swap orders may have multiple transactions to settle.


Once you confirm the settlement details (sending your side of the trade), that's it! Your swap order will change its status to Settling and that's all you need to do!


You will be able to see your new balances reflected in your wallet, the swap order details will show as completed, as well as the underlying trade history show up in the bottom panel of your screen as shown below.

1230 1824

To close out your Open Swap Orders (the "Swaps(1)" button on the top of the window), simply unlock your OL on the Swap Order Details page as seen below: