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Primary Stages

July 2018: BT Multichain
Public CPU/GPU mining of our BT mainnet multichain. Transactions are not supported, however Overline coins (formerly NRG) mined during this period were transferred to the AT Multichain.

March 2020: AT Multichain
Public CPU mining of the AT mainnet. Transactions are supported on the multichain and between chains. The Timble programming language allows engineers to write applications that are interoperable between all supported blockchains.

Fall 2020: Marketplace Application
Public release of marketplace application, the user interface which accesses the peer-to-peer digital asset trading network powered by the multichain.

Winter 2020: Overline Announcement and Reveal
Rebrand and consolidation of product ecosystem to Overline. Reveal unreleased technology built into the BSEC wallet, BT + AT multichains, and the Timble programming language.

Spring & Summer 2021: Overline V.2
Improving App ecosystem with new Mobile, Desktop, and Mining applications. Enabling Timble script to support messaging within Overline protocol. Internal testing of In-Browser functionality.