Tutorial: Multi-Market Maker



Interested in Early Access to the Multi-Market Maker?

The Interchange Multi-Market Maker is an easy-to-use program designed for the market maker looking to increase their influence in markets. While the upside of making a market is usually limited to the gains from a single market pair (in most cases on a single exchange) the advantage of the Interchange Multi-Market Maker tool is that it can trade between multiple markets and across multiple bidirectional pairs, which places users in the most profitable position regardless of the market conditions.

The setup process has been broken into the four individual working components: The program Multi-Market Maker, an Interchange Wallet, a Binance Exchange account, and finally some Cryptocurrency!


The first two steps, downloading the Multi-Market Maker program and generating an Interchange wallet should only take a few moments. The longest part of this whole process will likely be copying your private keys/mnemonic phrase to piece of paper that you store in a VERY safe place. It is YOUR responsibility to safe guard your wallet information.

Once steps 1 & 2 are done, create a Binance account (if you do not already have one). From there you can buy cryptocurrency, or use one of several other exchanges, for example: Huobi, Kraken, CashApp, Gemini and then send the funds to your Binance account.

Additional centralized exchanges will be added in the future as needed.

1. Download the Multi-Market Maker

The Multi-Market Maker is a small application that has been packaged up into a Docker "container" so it can be easily installed in one command using the program Docker.
There are also two 'libraries' required by both Docker and the Market Maker. Many computers have these libraries pre-installed, but if yours does not (or if you are not sure) then follow the links below to down them and run there installers first.

Python 3.7: https://www.python.org/downloads/
Node.JS: https://nodejs.org/en/download/

If you do not have Docker installed, you can download it here LINK (Windows & Mac) You will need to make a free Docker account to download the software but not to run the application after install.
Please also install docker-compose, as this is how the Multi-Market Maker is built. LINK (Windows & Mac)

After installing Docker you will need to logout and log back into your computer then open the program 'Command Prompt' (Windows) or 'Terminal' (Mac) and follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Run

git clone https://github.com/blockcollider/market_maker.git

Step 2: cd into the folder

cd market_maker

Step 3: Run the below script to config your strategy.

./mmm_bot.sh start


The webserver is authorized by an ephemeral token generated on the server bootstrap. If you forget the token, you can get it via running this command: ./mmm_bot.sh start, which gives you the url to access your webserver

./mmm_bot.sh will show you how to use the cli.

Before the Multi-Market Maker is active you will need to setup a few accounts & wallets. The Multi-Market Maker trades from your accounts, on your behalf. It will use all of the account at it's disposal so it is recommended to make a new account for each Multi-Market Maker you run. Additionally, the Multi-Market Maker will need to be use the information from a valid Overline node, so you will need to provide it a RPC address and secure cookie (a "scookie"). The information info is broken down as follows:

  • Interchange Wallet Overline Public Key -- Step 2
  • Interchange Wallet Overline Private Key -- Step 2
  • Binance API Key -- Step 3
  • Binance Secret API -- Step 3
  • Active miner RPC Address -- Step 4
  • Matching RPC scookie -- Step 4

Keep all these addresses and keys in a secure place and never leave them where a hacker can access them!

2. Generate Interchange Wallet

In this step you will generate an Overline wallet with a public and private keypair. Look for the wallet.json file during creation (check your "Downloads" folder) and save it securely. You will be in charge of protecting this as no one else will have access to it. Be sure to backup the information!! Checkout some best practices for storing cryptocurrency backups HERE.

Setting up the wallet happens when you click "Create New" at the Interchange welcome page. You will need the Overline Public and Private keys, keep those handy until we circle back them during the Multi-Market Maker config.
This is a good place to remind you to save hard copies of those keys, then save those hard copies in a safe place where they wont be damaged or accessed without your authorization.

3. Create Binance Account

NOTE: Only do this step if you do not already have a Binance account or if you would like to use a different account than your existing one.

Go to HERE and click sign up, then follow the steps there. Beware there are restrictions based on where you are located and whether or not Binance services your region.

Once you finish setting up the account, you will need to get some "API Keys". These allow the Multi-Market Maker to make trades and withdrawals on your behalf. To collect these keys go to the "Settings" section and selection "API Management". From there you need to label and generate a new API. Snag both the "API Key" and "Secret Key", and save them in a safe place. You are not able to see the private API key again after it is created (but you can make a new one easily without hassle).

4. Target Active Miner

To run the Multi-Market Maker you will need to attach it to an Overline node to be able to make & take trades. This is easily done by running a node (checkout a guide for there HERE) or by pointing it at a node you really trust. It is recommended to run your own Overline node. From this node you will need the "scookie" and "RPC_Address" to add into the configuration of the Multi-Market Maker. Alternatively you can run both programs on the same network and the default RPC_Address will work.

5. Buy or Mine Cryptocurrency

Time to get into Crypto! Unless you already have some crypto, you will need to get a little crypto currency to get started. This can be done by mining Overline on the Overline blockchain or purchasing from the Interchange or an exchange. At this point, the fastest road to large amounts of cryptocurrency is probably buying it through the Binance account you just set up, but there are many options each with advantages and disadvantages in terms of price. Feel free to shop around, here are some good places to start: Huobi, Kraken, CashApp, Gemini.

6. Configuring Your Multi-Market Maker

At this point you are almost ready to run your own Multi-Market Maker! The last step is to activate and configure your Multi-Market Maker. (Remember those addresses and keys you made in steps 2, 3, and 4? Get them ready!)

In a new web browser, navigate to the webserver that was made when you ran the /mmm_bot.sh command above. If you forget the web address/token, you can get it again via running this command: ./mmm_bot.sh start, in Terminal or Command Prompt which gives you the url to access your webserver.

Still got those public and private keys handy? Time to use them! Fill in the boxes on the config page in your web browser and hit the save button!

NOTE: All of the missing details should be filled in for the Multi-Market Maker to operate. Some fields are already populated, these are some basic "default" values. Please adjust them to suit your desired behavior.
Remember to hit "Save" when you're done!

Once install is complete you will see some details about your Multi-Market Maker webserver. The first of these details is:

[MMM_BOT] Please open http://localhost:38080 to config your bot

Using your internet browser, navigate to the address above to see and save the preferences of your Multi-Market Maker. Using the keys from steps 2, 3, & 4, fill out the missing details. NOTE: All of the missing details should be filled in for the Multi-Market Maker to operate. Some fields are already populated, these are some basic "default" values. Please adjust them to suit your desired behavior.

Remember to hit "Save" when you're done!

7. Activating Your Multi-Market Maker

Done with the config? You are ready to release your own Multi-Market Maker in the global markets! Back in your terminal window run the command below to activate your Multi-Market Maker.

Be sure to check Interchange to see your orders and their status's!




Customize the default Mutli-Market Maker settings