Basics: Send Coins (OL)


The Interchange application is composed of two main sections, the "home" tab and the "wallet" tab. While the home tab is where a majority of the cross-chain trading will take place, the wallet tab is a fully featured wallet explorer for you to interact with any of your supported wallets all in one place.

Supported Wallets:

  • EMB, Overline, L-EMB, BTC, ETH, NEO, WAV, LSK, DAI, and USDT

While you can do a lot with the wallet section, in this Overline Interchange Basics walkthrough we are going to cover specifically how to send Overline (OL) from one address to another. As a bonus, we'll also learn how to create a second Overline wallet to interact with. Both of these basic actions are applicable to all supported wallets.



If you have not already done so, follow the instructions here to download and run the Borderless application. This “Step 0” is assumed in all Overline Interchange Basics documents.

Step 1. Go to the wallet tab and view your current OL balance


Here in the wallet tab, you will find all the wallets you currently have uploaded to your Overline interchange session. You will have already uploaded an OL wallet as it is necessary to begin your interchange session.

If not already displaying your Overline information, click on the OL address in the highlighted section under "assets" and the "transfer" and "history" sections will display the information for that address.

You can see your total balance for your address in the transfer section as well as the assets panel on the left.

(BONUS!) Step 1.5 : Create new Overline (OL) wallet

The transfer section of the wallet tab is where we can easily send tokens from one address to another. For the sake of convenience, in this example, we're going to create a new Overline wallet within the interchange and send Overline from our original Overline wallet to our newly created Overline wallet.

In the assets panel, find and click the Create button in the OL section.


Once you do, this will create new wallet and display the public address and private key (hidden). You will need to enter your Session Password to download and save the new wallet file containing your private keys. Remember to keep this file safe!


You can choose whichever type of wallet you want to create, in this instance we're creating an OL wallet.

You can now see that a second OL address shows up in your assets panel, with a balance of 0 and nothing in the history panel. This wallet can be remove at any time by clicking the trash can icon next to the address in the assets panel.


Step 2. Get the receiving address, enter the amount, and send

Because we've created a second Overline address already, we will simply go into the new wallet and click the copy icon next to the new address. A confirmation dialogue bubble will display in the top righthand corner.

Remember, this can be any Overline address, we are simply using one we've just created out of convenience


Next, we will go to the Overline address that we want to send Overline from. From the transfer panel on that wallet, we will paste the Overline address we want to send to (Recipient) and enter the amount of Overline we wish to send (Amount), then click the SEND Overline button.


Step 3. Confirm transfer details and enter Session Password

A confirmation screen will appear asking to double check all the information for your transfer. Enter your Session Password once you've reviewed the details and click CONFIRM.


And that's it! You will see "Transaction Submitted" dialogue bubble appear in the upper right hand of your screen and a red "Pending TX(1)" next to settings. This means your transfer has been submitted to miners to confirm. Once the Pending no longer is displayed, you can see that the Overline has been successfully transferred from one address to another.