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Why has none of my Oland been revealed (in terms of location)

I signed up more than a month ago and before I start spending money to buy otreats etc... I need to know why the land still has not been revealed. Also what is the difference between Gen2 and Gen3 land? I know there was Gen 1 land at the beginning but I don't know anyone involved that early in the project to have obtained it.


I registered just like others did, up till now I couldn't see my reward people ve used my link I saw their reward pls what happen to mine pls. Overlinenetwork should pls help, this is my email address [email protected]

Is this a scam? :)

Hi, I have 0 land, and there is no option to unsubscribe/delete my account. Is this just a scam to gather personal data via violationg GDPR and similar data privacy regulations, or what?

Claim issue

hello, I joined few weeks ago by my friend's refferal link and successfully signed. up, during pas weeks i. also received overline email and also oTreats, but, my oLand balance iz ZERO, i cannnt see any land. in my portal, i checked for 1 weeks different. times, delete. caches .. many things, there. is no any. land, please help,



No rewards for my referrals

Hello I have been promoting the free Oland to all my family and friends and I should have well over a dozen lands for my referral rewards but it only shows 2 genesis and one gen2 I have opened a help ticket on discord five days ago and haven't received any help with this issue. Am I screwed on my referral rewards cuz that's what it feels like

oLand Still Unrevealed after almost 2 months

Hi, I hope you can help me because no one appears to able to. All the oLand I have received either by signing up myself or via referral links still appear as UNREVEALED. One person we asked who used our referral link had no such problem. The only response I had from Discord was is it Gen 1 or Gen 2 and when I said Gen 2, there was no response. I did some further digging around and on the FAQ section on the overline.network site, there is a question "Where is my oLand located". The response being "oLand locations will be randomly assigned when the reveal countdown displayed in your oLand account portal ends. Keep an eye on it, you may get lucky" The oLand portal ends was a hyperlink and it too us to the site overline.network/app taking us to the standard sited about referrals for more land. I clicked on "Take me to my oLand Portal" and once again nothing has changed. I did do some other research on the ōLand account portal and it took me to a oLand KYC requirement site which is no longer in use. Can you please help me to get this fixed or at the very least point us in the direction of someone who can. Many Thanks, Ajay

I can't login to the site via email.

I have 6 lands in my office. I enter it by filling out a form with an email and password. When I go through your letter in the mail, it gives an error. 404 This page could not be found.




What are they and how to make the right choice?