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Upgrades got lost after Server Crash.

Hello, i lost an Upgrade after the Server-Crash, how can i get that back? It is counted right, in the list of Upgrades, but its Greyed out in the Card´s-Section. Support isn´t answering. On Twitter i found out that i´m not the only one with this Problem. Greetz


چطور ocash دریافت کنم


How can I check my Oland price


I didn't get an oland after my refferal signed up. How does it should work? Do I need to wait for it a certain amount of time?

My payment

I paid to ocash on 2022-11-19 11:28 But no reflection yet. I have payment data. I hope return money to my Metamask or reflection on my account. My English is not very well So sorry.

urgent help whit the extraction off emb out off my wallet

Good evening, Little bit bad feeling I have about having to ask for this but for a while now I try to move some emb from my wallet the first I started to use the overline wallet on my Iphone I moved like almost 1000 emb to this account wanted to use it for fuell , because I was planning on mining Overline. I baught several big servers with lots of capacity to be able to run day and night 24/7 365. At first implementation was time after time not working out I asked for help/advise and got a really weird awnser (about the o routers ,,, they where not deliverable at the moment"" I thought okay maybe it's verry busy wayt a litlle, now I thought lets move the emb to the desktop app "beta version" see if this works. Now the next thing, first the 1000 emb I moved there aprox € 30,00 is showing in my wallet €9.93 / 992.64 emb should be different I checked it in my online portfolio and in real figures it is aprox € 30.00. not so big problem i thought is a glitch but now a week or two, three passing by but stil no change in the meanwhile I tried to move the funds several times to the desktop wallet but also hear still no succes. In the end (like in this moment ) I'm a little bit stressed about this because I work my ass of invested quite a bitt of money (not the fuell ) to get mining putt in many hours to run it without succes and as a bonus I cannot even move this emb ...... I fully in to Oland and when the uppertunities are there I will expand and roll-out my plans for it. But for now I want to aske you to help me solve these issues. My name is: Dennis Reckermann. Email: [email protected] The wallet adres is 0xd3499622d202902cb6ef3eb1ceb9c930af5b5d84 I am looking forward to your awnser, apologies about my english writing :)

Any way to make the mining process just a tad more complicated???..

I mean damn, for one the instructions are in bad english, either that or it's some type of shorthand, plus the steps don't flow very well, so I go to some chocolate page to download, what from them, I don't know. then anything involving that command prompt stuff good luck you might as well be a programmer to even know what to do with that. You guys ever heard of unmineable? Nicehash? Multiminer? Any chance you'll be releasing a nice simple one click download, install the program and launch the miner? They do exist and they are quite nice for those of us without advanced computing degrees.

How to close account

I want to close my account There is no customer support to help with issues Any one know how to close a account ?

Tired of failed upgrades

So tired of 3 weeks of failure to upgrade Oland So tired of lost ocash. I want to close my account How can I give my oland to person that sent me this crap since they won't help me!

Desktop Application Link Invaild!

The Download Links for Desktop Application (Overline) Is Invalid And Leads To 404 Error Page! Resolve The Issue ASAP!