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Any way to make the mining process just a tad more complicated???..

I mean damn, for one the instructions are in bad english, either that or it's some type of shorthand, plus the steps don't flow very well, so I go to some chocolate page to download, what from them, I don't know. then anything involving that command prompt stuff good luck you might as well be a programmer to even know what to do with that. You guys ever heard of unmineable? Nicehash? Multiminer? Any chance you'll be releasing a nice simple one click download, install the program and launch the miner? They do exist and they are quite nice for those of us without advanced computing degrees.

How to close account

I want to close my account There is no customer support to help with issues Any one know how to close a account ?

Tired of failed upgrades

So tired of 3 weeks of failure to upgrade Oland So tired of lost ocash. I want to close my account How can I give my oland to person that sent me this crap since they won't help me!

Desktop Application Link Invaild!

The Download Links for Desktop Application (Overline) Is Invalid And Leads To 404 Error Page! Resolve The Issue ASAP!

How to sale or stack Oland with location

I have 7 Olands with Locations, how do I check the value of each land?? and how do I sale the Oland? also, how do I stack the Oland to earn more income?

Why has none of my Oland been revealed (in terms of location)

I signed up more than a month ago and before I start spending money to buy otreats etc... I need to know why the land still has not been revealed. Also what is the difference between Gen2 and Gen3 land? I know there was Gen 1 land at the beginning but I don't know anyone involved that early in the project to have obtained it.


I registered just like others did, up till now I couldn't see my reward people ve used my link I saw their reward pls what happen to mine pls. Overlinenetwork should pls help, this is my email address [email protected]

Is this a scam? :)

Hi, I have 0 land, and there is no option to unsubscribe/delete my account. Is this just a scam to gather personal data via violationg GDPR and similar data privacy regulations, or what?

Claim issue

hello, I joined few weeks ago by my friend's refferal link and successfully signed. up, during pas weeks i. also received overline email and also oTreats, but, my oLand balance iz ZERO, i cannnt see any land. in my portal, i checked for 1 weeks different. times, delete. caches .. many things, there. is no any. land, please help,