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a question about creat the wallet account

My email address has passed kyc,but it prompted that my email address didn't register when i creat the wallet account.

KYC approvement

Hello Support, I have prob creating account on your portal to create wallet. On https://www.blockcollider.org/register.html I got message that im approved, and when try to make acc on portal, my mail is not exist. I guess that possible problem is that my girlfriedn and me tried to make accounts and contribure. her mail is [email protected] I resend data to kyc form and hope you will get me a chance to contribute ! Thanks in advance

token transfer

hi when we can trade our coin ?


I checked on the website but can't log in. Am asking exert promoting

I really want to get to you in investors

Good afternoon. On March 20, I registered in the whitelist. But unfortunately my mail did not hit, it's very insulting to find out, because many registered 5 accounts, and I just wanted one and it did not work, I really want to get to you in investors, I plan to make a good contribution.

Вопрос об участии в ICO

Здравствуйте, что нужо сделать чтобы участвовать в вашем ICO? Я новичек, вы могли мне обьяснить пожалуйста, где и как нужно зареистрироваться, что бы участвовать и получиь ваши токены? Спасибо

White listing time code pasting

Greetings! I think you guys are aware that many of us pasted the "time code" written in black below at the time the white listing was open and there was no value just time code so kindly acknowledge few of us who in the start managed to paste just the english word time code.Looking forward to a positive synergy with you folks. Regards Junaid imran Thankyou

Roadmap / partnerships.

Hey there BC, first of would like to state how great your project is. Secondly would love to know if Block Collider has any partnerships? and a roadmap (which might inc when emblems are released to the community / wallet / exchange listings ect.)? Thanks

Regulatory Compliance

Hi there! I am applying as an Evaluator for Cofound.it. One of the questions we were tasked with was seeing if there were any regulatory considerations, and if so, how are they addressed? I would guess, with one of the use cases being a decentralized exchange, there may be some KYC considerations involved. Though I know many of the current centralized exchanges are very light on regulations, it seems only exchanges that are moving crypto to fiat have the stricter rules. Thanks for your time. Derek