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My Wonderland Ordinals and oCash Still Not able to be redeemed since June/July

I am getting quite upset at the moment as everywhere I turn there is only silence. I purchase two ordinals in June this year and attempted to claim both ordinals and oCash immediately, however it did not work. Unfortunately, I was struck down with a serious injury and have only returned home in the past couple of weeks and I am now trying to get this sorted out. Unfortunately, no one seems to have a clue as to what to do and support on the overline page never responds.

I know the numbers are valid, each time I try and claim the oCash, the number is valid followed by a message saying that once this is processed it cannot be done again. Once I approve it, nothing happens. In fact, I can enter the same code again and it will be processed the exact same way.

I attempted to claim an ordinal and it looked successful, however it was never sent... I know that at least some semblance of a transaction went through because the code that was used can no longer be used anymore.

I wanted to claim my oCash prior to the airdrop, but this now seems highly unlikely. In June, my backup metamask wallet was hit with a creeper script which stole an oFriend NFT, just something else I have to be pissed off about. However, in this instance, it had nothing to do with the overline project.

Can you please assist me as soon as possible as I really need to claim at least the 2 x 10,000 oCash before the airdrop in 3 days.