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urgent help whit the extraction off emb out off my wallet

Good evening,

Little bit bad feeling I have about having to ask for this but for a while now I try to move some emb from my wallet the first I started to use the overline wallet on my Iphone I moved like almost 1000 emb to this account wanted to use it for fuell , because I was planning on mining Overline.
I baught several big servers with lots of capacity to be able to run day and night 24/7 365.
At first implementation was time after time not working out I asked for help/advise and got a really weird awnser (about the o routers ,,, they where not deliverable at the moment"" I thought okay maybe it's verry busy wayt a litlle, now I thought lets move the emb to the desktop app "beta version" see if this works.

Now the next thing, first the 1000 emb I moved there aprox € 30,00 is showing in my wallet
€9.93 / 992.64 emb should be different I checked it in my online portfolio and in real figures it is aprox € 30.00. not so big problem i thought is a glitch but now a week or two, three passing by but stil no change in the meanwhile I tried to move the funds several times to the desktop wallet but also hear still no succes.

In the end (like in this moment ) I'm a little bit stressed about this because I work my ass of invested quite a bitt of money (not the fuell ) to get mining putt in many hours to run it without succes and as a bonus I cannot even move this emb ......

I fully in to Oland and when the uppertunities are there I will expand and roll-out my plans for it.
But for now I want to aske you to help me solve these issues.

My name is: Dennis Reckermann.
Email: [email protected]
The wallet adres is 0xd3499622d202902cb6ef3eb1ceb9c930af5b5d84

I am looking forward to your awnser, apologies about my english writing :)